Yarbo Moments: Backer#1221 Ryan Wilson

Discover the enriching Yarbo moments of our beloved supporter, Ryan Wilson.

Among the backers actively engage in the community, there are different types: some ask questions and provide feedback to enhance Yarbo’s performance, some engage in various testing to explore Yarbo’s potential, some share experiences and tips, and some offer support to boost confidence among users and Team Yarbo. Ryan Wilson embodies a blend of these styles, with posts that are both insightful and heartwarming, consistently motivating our work.

Question Igniter

People often say, “True masters speak only when necessary.” It truly captures Ryan’s essence. When you come across posts with the default background, no pics or vids but filled with questions, you can sense that the “Ryan why” is on its way. Throughout winter, Ryan fully embraced Yarbo, kept up with firmware updates and new feature launches, leading to all the perplexities and intriguing ideas he shared. Let’s be honest, some of his posts really made our team scratch their heads! Nonetheless, we appreciate this “trouble-maker” as both the community and the tean benefit from his insights.

Yarbo Chronicler

Keeping up with Ryan’s updates, you’re in for the full Yarbo experience! From the battery’s arrival, Yarbo’s assembly and operation, neighbors peeking in while having trouble dealing with their blowers, to the delivery of maintenance kit, nothing gets left out in his posts. It is such a fuel to see our “kid” Yarbo making its way to this new home in Canada. Thanks to Ryan’s engaging updates, we’re thrilled to see Yarbo spreading ease and happiness in people’s lives.


Apart from inquiries, feedback, and Yarbo updates, what remains are simple yet heartwarming words of encouragement. “Thanks Yarbo for all the hard work”, “Yarbo and organization have been insanely helpful supportive and responsive”…These sentiments are too valuable not to share with the world, not to boast but to express gratitude to Ryan and other users. We acknowledge that both Yarbo and the team have room for growth, and your support serves as our motivation and ultimate goal in our endeavors.

Thank you Ryan, and everyone, for your Yarbo moments.

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