Yarbo Moments: Backer #367 Laura Lohrman Moore

Meet Laura Lohrman Moore, a tech-savvy professional who has seen a lot of snow during winter seasons in Alaska. Laura joined the Yarbo family in September 2022 and became a part of the Folks community in December. 

While you might not have seen much of her online, she’s an integral part of our journey. We’ve had the pleasure of meeting Laura twice in October and November 2023, which impressed us with insightful technical conversations and her great enthusiasm for Yarbo. Let’s walk through these memories we share with her, which is as refreshing as the crisp Alaskan air!

[Oct. 2023] Found Yarbo a New Home

“Laura has a fancy driveway.” Anthony recalls the first visit. Don’t wow here! As the product manager of Team Yarbo, when Anthony called it “fancy,” he actually meant it’s the perfect runway for Yarbo, thanks to its rectangular nature! It was autumn day in Alaska and the driveway was clean and bare, but Laura could already imagine Yarbo, or as Laura later calls it, Dooley, running on it in snowy winter. Other than the working area, Laura had the perfect and ideal spots in mind for the docking station and the RTK. She even resurfaces the asphalt for the driveway every year, making it a win-win for Yarbo’s work. What a perfect pair, Laura and Dooley! 

[Nov. 2023] Yarbo Found its New Home

Just a month later, Alaska was blanketed in snow during our second visit, and we had Yarbo with us! Laura, who works in the automation industry, was really intrigued by Yarbo. The first trial went smoothly, just as she posted, “within minutes it was up and running.” Team Yarbo was thrilled to see how well Yarbo fit into its future home. 

Besides the successful testing, what touched Lynne of Team Yarbo the most was the warm welcome we received from Laura. “I hadn’t really interacted with her much before,” Lynne remembered, “but she really made us feel welcome and appreciated our visit, which truly warmed our hearts.” 

To Be Continued……

“Elegant, professional, and an attentive listener”, both Anthony and Lynne were impressed by Laura after the inspirational conversations. And as a working woman, Laura truly believes Yarbo can save time and manual labor on yard chores. As she wrapped up the visit on her social platform, “I’m so looking forward to the days of watching Yarbo from inside my warm house.” That’s exactly what we hope Yarbo can achieve! We genuinely hope Yarbo can demonstrate its efficiency and truly assist Laura in this new home.

Thank you Laura, and everyone, for your Yarbo moments.

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