Yarbo Moments: Backer #1020 Steve Thibodeau

Who is Steve Thibodeau?

Steve is a Yarbo PPP tester, a backer, a handy guy, always generous with feedback to improve technology and support us. Our beloved friend, and part of the Yarbo family. Every moment we share is a blessing……

When We First “Met” – Aug 2023

Rachel and Jay of Team Yarbo had a cyber-meeting with Steve through an online demo. He sat in the white truck where he worked, casual and relaxed, instantly drawing us closer. He chatted with us on his phone, while holding a template to remote-control Yarbo. We watched as he made Yarbo go back and forth, and he was absolutely thrilled. And so were we! More than playing with Yarbo, he also shared a lot of valuable insights. “That was an awesome experience!” he said. If Yarbo could talk, we bet it would respond: “Pleasure is mine!”

When He First Met Yarbo – Oct 2023

We invited him to be a PPP tester and sent him our Yarbo S1 and M1. You probably already know him from social media. He’s like a Yarbo expert, always answering questions and showing support. He has provided us with many valuable insights, such as setting different parameters for each working area. We have included this feature in Firmware 2.7.0. Hey, if you find it helpful, credit goes to Steve!

When We Finally Met – Oct 2023

We finally had the opportunity to meet him in person and do the unboxing and setup together. He assembled Yarbo like a pro! Moving on smoothly to the RTK, he even used a jib to install it. He truly is a robotics enthusiast! So as his daughter, studying a major related to robots in college, she sees the potential of Yarbo and the future of smart yard work. Steve and his family genuinely believe in our mission and dedicated two whole days to help us test everything out. The thing we appreciate the most is his time. Steve really did his research on Yarbo, spent time with us conducting online and offline tests, and patiently waited for Yarbo to grow.

To Be Continued……

“I’ve thanked him so many times for his support, but honestly, I don’t think I ever thank him enough. This feeling is beyond words. His comments have been so uplifting, especially when I’m feeling the pressure. I always check out all of Yarbo’s comments and likes, and every time I do, I see his likes there. It’s like he genuinely cares about every announcement we make and every word we say.”

“I will definitely visit him during my upcoming trip to America!”


“I can still vividly recall how he prepared warm soup for us. I’m really grateful for his warm hospitality during our visit. And what really touched me was his unwavering trust in our mission. It truly means the world to us.”


“I was going through our direct messages and realized that we had some really in-depth discussions about technical stuff. He came up with so many brilliant ideas and took the time to share them with us. “


Thank you Steve @Steve, and everyone, for your Yarbo moments.

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