Yarbo Moments: Backer #26 Alex Glanville

Who is Alex Glanville?

Alex has been with us for 𝟒𝟕𝟐 days as a backer, 𝟑𝟗𝟏 days as a fellow member in Yarbo Folks, met with our Team Yarbo 𝟑𝟏𝟎 days ago, and has been a “Yarbo expert” in our PPP program for 𝟓𝟖 days. Just 𝟓𝟒 days ago, Team Yarbo paid Alex a second visit. Our journey continues, and now it’s time to introduce who he truly is in the eyes of Team Yarbo 👀

“Insightful Tester”

When we first visited Alex in early 2023, we discovered that he had been paying attention to us since Yarbo was still Snowbot. During our visit, Alex was super excited about the Yarbo Snow Blower 22 that we brought, and he couldn’t wait to share the experience with his friends! Beyond excitement, he also delved into the technical aspects, and shared some really valuable insights💡

“Had a great conversation with this robotic enthusiast who also has a strong technical background,” said Anthony, “I really appreciate his outspoken and highly insightful suggestions.”

“Detail Detective”

Apart from our on-site visits, we’ve come to know Alex even more through his active engagement online 🌐. You might have read many of his insightful posts and answers in our Facebook groups. Alex is all about the details! He not only spots detailed features of Yarbo, but also detects issues that other users faced. And he takes his time to help them out! We believe it was his attention to details that empowers him to provide all those objective and comprehensive feedback.

“I truly value how he shares information and helps solve problems in our groups. He is definitely a ‘Group Expert’🎖️! What’s even better is that he understands us and genuinely wants to see us grow,” said Rachel.

“Yard-care Industry Visionary”

Lynne visited and noticed his genuine interest in yard care robotics, as his house was filled with robotic products. Yarbo joined their family, and was named “Bumble” because of its bumblebee-like color🐝. We believe Alex shares our vision of a smart robot for diverse yard needs, and we truly appreciate that he sees the potential of Yarbo to bring this vision to life. In particular, he is excited about the various modules we’re working on! We wonder what he would name those modules?🤔

“I appreciate that he recognizes our growth and progress, while also dedicating a considerable amount of time to testing and providing feedback,” Lynne expressed, “And most importantly, we have the same vision.”

Thank you Alex @Alex, and everyone, for your Yarbo moments.

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