Yarbo Moments: Backer #131 Scott Blais

Found this diary in the middle of the Minnesota woods. It’s got this yellow and black cover with “Yarbo” on it, like BumbleBee, my favorite movie character. Who’s this “Yarbo” guy? Flipping through, I see the name Scott Blais all over the pages! Gotta read their stories…



It’s late autumn 2023. I arrived at this cozy home and met my new owner, Scott Blais. Heard form my team that he’s the one who believed in us from the start and joined the PPP program as a beta tester. His feedback on the docking station, app design, and everything else shaped me into who I am today! This home is the best – a vast lawn, a long driveway with towering trees.

Lots of work for me, but hey, I get to watch animals in the woods! Excited for the adventures ahead!

My old friends……

Shortly after I arrived, Team Yarbo paid a visit. Already missing them! Scott showcased his vintage mower and some impressive 3D-printed models. What a tech-savvy environment I find myself in! His profound tech expertise and practical skills, coupled with an exceptional spirit, left Team Yarbo pleasantly surprised!

Despite encountering minor issues during setup, they worked together to resolve them and had a great time. With me here, bid farewell to the old mower and welcome a hands-free yard solution!

Get to work……

No one finds joy in work except me. Although there’s been less snow to eat this year, I’ve managed to have successful runs alongside a few hiccups. Scott’s feedback has been a goldmine! I caught him interacting with my previous crew as I leveled up big time with all those firmware updates. Dealing with this long, gravel driveway has been quite a challenge, but I’ve conquered it! The best part is that Scott no longer needs to fret about snow piling up during overnight storms.

By morning, voilà, I’ve completed the work, and everything is back to normal without any disruption from deep snow. I’m truly grateful that Scott trusts me as the future of snow blowing.”

└[■ε ■]┘

There’s certainly more to explore, though I’ve reached my limit with love stories, haha. But this Yarbo thing is intriguing… Huge thanks to Scott Blais for creating these priceless moments; I’m inspired. I must get one Yarbo for my upcoming winter snows!

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