Snowfall to Spotlight – An Exciting Interview with Joe Billy

Explore an exclusive interview with Joe Billy on his journey of viral fame with Yarbo on Tik Tok.

Introduction to Joe Billy

When Joe Billy uploaded his first video of Yarbo, working its magic on his snow-laden driveway, he never anticipated the flurry of attention that would snowball from there. Joe, backer #1214 of Yarbo Snow Blower and Lawn Mower, has a genuine enthusiasm for Yarbo’s capabilities. It has not only brought the spotlight onto our revolutionary robot addressing all yard chores, but has also echoed a sentiment many people share: the desire for a tech-savvy solution to back-breaking yard work.


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In an onsite interview with our team, Joe delves into his journey with Yarbo, from being one of the backers to support Yarbo to embracing the efficiency brought by Yarbo. He shares his candid reactions to various discussions following his newfound fame, his experience with our support team, and his anticipation for the future attachments and modules poised to revolutionize the way we think about yard maintenance.

Interview with Joe Billy

Have you ever used a tech product for yard care? If yes, how does it compare to Yarbo?

Joe: I had a robot mower and I had a few issues with that. So I was really looking for an alternative to replace that. And I saw Yarbo came up, which had a modular design, making it more than just a snow-blowing unit. And I really like the project. So I just wanted to back it and see what it was about; and I’m kind of glad that I did. The snow blower works really well and I’m sure that the mower is gonna work just as well. I’m stoked for it.

Yarbo: The lawn mower is scheduled for this summer. Another update is on the way: we have a new attachment for Yarbo – the snow plow we just showed you. How do you feel about the dry runs with the snow plow?

Joe: I like the snow plow blade. I saw some of the videos of Yarbo tackling wet snow (with the plow). I think it’s gonna be really good for doing that. And it seems to run quietly. I think with it Yarbo can keep up with quite a lot more snow than the snow blower alone can. 

Joe Billy & Kathy from Team Yarbo

Let’s talk about your personal TikTok account. What initially inspired you to post videos about Yarbo?

Joe: I just wanted to really share Yarbo because it was something unique. I know there are other videos out there that people posted with it, but it still seems like something that no one else really has. It’s very new to the market and everything still. So I just wanted to share what it was about and what it did. And I like sharing cool tech anyway. 

Yarbo: I saw there’s like whole bunch of views ever since you posted the first video. How do you feel when you see that many viewers? Were you excited? 

Joe: Of course it was exciting. I was like, “well, why is this blowing up? What’s so special about this video?” But it got kind of overwhelming with all the comments and the increasing views…I couldn’t answer all the comments in a while. And after a couple of days, there was a million, and then 2 million and it’s almost 3 million views. That’s pretty cool. There’s a lot of positive feedback about Yarbo. That’s really cool to see. 

Yarbo: Do you mind sharing with us some exciting or interesting comments that you’ve got? 

Joe: There are a lot of people saying how it could really help out someone disabled or those who just don’t have the time to do it. That’s a really good use case. A lot of people just say “just do it yourself”, “pick up a shovel and go mow yourself”. And there are a lot of “too lazy” comments. 

Yarbo: How did you respond to them?

J: I don’t care. I’m buying myself time. The less time I spend on snow blowing or mowing, the more time I have for myself. It’s one thing to call someone lazy for not doing something, but the way I see it is, you’re gaining more time to do other things that are more important. Some people like snow blowing and that’s great, and it’s a person-to-person choice. 

Yarbo: How do you usually engage with the viewers commenting with questions of Yarbo? 

Joe: There’s a lot of questions about Yarbo and a lot of things that I don’t really reply to because I’m still learning about the unit. I don’t wanna misinform somebody in some way. I have to do a lot of self-education on Yarbo, like what it does, how it works and everything with the RTK and the Wi-Fi. It’s a learning thing for me, but it’s nice to see that there’s so many comments and so many people interested in the unit.

Last question, do you have any suggestions or questions for Yarbo team? 

Joe: I don’t have any questions. Everything was really easily laid out. Directions were easy to follow. The Facebook group is a really good source and tool. The YouTube videos are really good. Everything has just been the amount of time and effort poured into Yarbo. Everything is there. 

Support’s been top notch. I can’t speak highly enough about the support team. The response came in less than a day whenever I had a question. It’s crazy how responsive that the team has been. And for real thank you for coming out from Chicago. I mean, it’s nice that you’re so close to me and able to come out, check out Yarbo, show me the new snow plow attachment and have this interview with me.

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