Glimpse Into CES – Interviews with Tech Enthusiasts

Yarbo made a stunning appearance at CES 2024! Our latest innovations caught the attention of tech enthusiasts, attracting a lively crowd eager to explore and discuss Yarbo. But that’s not all – we took this opportunity to gather thoughts and ideas about yard chores through a series of fascinating interviews. Let’s dive into these unique perspectives we captured at CES 2024.

Q: What kind of yard chores would be considered troublesome for you? 

Elgrie, living in the Bay Area:

Cutting grass and moving stuff around from one point to other. I live on over an acre of land, so we use small wagons to pull stuff around. It’d be nice to have a little robot that does that for you.”

Nagi & Bob, living in Northern California:

We manage many properties who have lawns that need to be mowed. Also the leaf blowing is important to us. So whatever we can do to reduce our labor force would be great. Your product seems to satisfy that requirement.

Dimitri, living in Maryland:

The snow removal, that’s one of the worst things about snow. I would 100% wish if there is a robot cleaning the snow for me. And I end up being the one that has to shovel the snow. I’m the youngest brother in the family, so I get all the responsibilities thrown on me. So if I had this, it would make my life a lot easier. 

Marie, living in Washington State:

Mowing my lawn. Trimming or even edging my lawn a little bit. These are all things that take time out of our day. Then I’ll get all sweaty and start swearing, all that. 

Kevin, living in Arizona:

Troublesome? Just doing the yards, everything. 

Evans, living in Michigan:

Mowing and blowing the leaves off. We have heavy leaves in Michigan, and I pay a company a lot of money to come and clean my leaves.

Q: What brought you to Yarbo today? 

The point is that I work in AI stuff and most of the clients I deal with are trying to make their product simple. But I think the appliance or device is nicer if it has the right accessories. They have robot lawn mower and everything, but they don’t have a small tractor that can cut the lawn, snowplow and do other things. And that’s why I’m up here looking for one that does more things, like turning over the soil. As Yarbo has those accessories, it would be something that I would be interested in.

Elgrie, living in the Bay Area

We’ve seen a lot of snow in Washington State during winter, and I myself have to clean the snow on the driveway. I’m tired of hurting my back all the time and I just wish there was a solution like robotic nature. We walked by and we saw the robots moving around and just kind of curious about what it actually does. 

Seth, living in Washington State

We’re looking for a new product, a new technology, and we use it to reduce our workforce and to make us more profitable. We’re always in search of technology that can reduce our labor costs and also increase efficiencies. That’s why we’re here.

Nagi & Bob, living in Northern California

I need a snow blower. I need a automatic snowblower from my driveway. Because now I have a gas mower and blower. It’s not fun, and is heavy and noisy. My wife can’t use it. If I could have something like this (Yarbo), I would love it.

Evans, living in Michigan

What caught my eye most about Yarbo is just I’m really big into environment and sustainability. One of the features I learned about with Yarbo is that it does the micro mulching, like it really can shred the lawn. I guess the byproducts of cutting your lawn is very environmentally sustainable. So it’s pretty exciting to learn about it.


Q: What feature(s) of Yarbo attract you the most?

The security feature. I like that idea of having it to provide a little bit of visibility into your area. You don’t have to have someone patrolling in your area, but you have robots patrolling and being able to film if there’s something bad going on. 

Ermis, living in Maryland

I think it’s the fact that you have multiple different attachments. So you’re using the same robot for different functions. I think that’s really cool.

Dimitri, living in Maryland

The patrol feature. As long as it’s mapped out because yards can be at a dynamic thing, particularly when you have children. There’s a lot going on in the yard. So if it has a digital mapping that understands what objects are in its way, all that kind of stuff, that’s very helpful.

Seth, living in Washington State

I love the idea of it being able to deploy itself. Having it set, I can from the app tell it to go and do something, having it go out and mow the lawn. When I’m traveling and my family is at home, I don’t need to come home and it’s already automatically plowed the driveway with the snow or mowed the grass. I think it would be really exciting. 

Evans, living in Michigan

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