Yarbo Moments: Backer #770 Scott Grams

Scott Grams is probably one of the most actively engaged Yarbo users, both online and offline. In the online communities, he openly shared his journey with “Taz”, his Yarbo, from testing to actually leaving it to face the harsh winter. Offline, he’s a friendly neighbor always ready to assist fellow users in Minnesota. And he really did visit and help someone in need! Get ready to dive into the heartwarming Yarbo journey with this special member.

Scott & His “Taz”🤖️

We love checking out Scott’s posts and had a good laugh about how he treats Yarbo like his own kid. Before “birth,” Scott set up a little “house” – a tent shelter for the docking station. He named the little one after this cute cartoon character, got a Taz sticker, and gave it a “tattoo” on the side. While being a caring parent to Taz, Scott recorded the whole journey. We saw Taz nail perfect runs in various snow depths, get better at handling wet snow, try pulling a trailer with the tow hitch, and… get a lot updates based on all the feedback you raised, including those from Scott himself. Oh, and we’ve seen tons of posts wishing for more snow for Taz to play! Wish they live happily together in the Frozen world❄️

Scott & Team Yarbo🤝

Scott has been an awesome friend, supervisor, and partner of Team Yarbo. He’s so tuned into our updates, gives cool feedback often, and shows love with likes and quick comments. When we visit his place, the team feels like we’ve known him forever. But hey, he can also be the “strict” one! Details never escape him, and he’s quick to share suggestions and advice, which really keep us going. Plus, he’s all in on the whole automated yard idea we’re about, ready to grow with us. Big thanks for that💗

Scott & Yarbo Community💬

Ask anything about Yarbo on social media, you will find Scott being there for you. He’s always willing to help out, answering questions, sharing tips and testing results of Yarbo. Thanks to him, our team sees Yarbo in action in real users’ homes, other users get inspired by seeing how Yarbo is used, and enthusiasts get to learn more about it. Recently, he even visited and helped a Yarbo owner with his installation! They both shared their experience, spreading that helping spirit that touched many. Yarbo sure brings warmth to winter🔥

Thank you Scott, and everyone, for your Yarbo moments.

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