Yarbo Moments: Backer #608 Sheri Meyers

2021: The Seed of Change

Sheri Meyers lives in Minnesota, where the snowfall can reach up to 90 inches in a single winter. With mobility issues, clearing the snow became a hazardous task for her. Expensive services, relying on neighborly aid, or taking personal risks were the limited options available. It was within this frosty situation that SnowBot, the first version of Yarbo, drew her attention. 

Meanwhile, Team Yarbo, driven by a passion to transform the back-breaking labor of yard chores into a task of ease, launched beta testing for SnowBot. Although Sheri wasn’t among the earliest testers, her path was aligning with ours, as we shared a common vision of transforming yard work. 

2022: Strengthening Resolve

Sheri came back from a trip for medical reasons and became even more determined to find a solution for the relentless burden of yard work. Showing incredible support, she joined our growing community of backers, strengthening Yarbo’s resolve and confirming the widespread need for our robotic snow blower. Throughout the year, we delved deeper into research and development, refining our product with the feedback from our cherished community, including Sheri, who shared our vision of a seamless yard care experience for everyone.

2023: A Bond Forged in Winter

The winter in 2023 beheld a moment that truly connected Sheri and Team Yarbo. During a visit, we were impressed by Sheri’s charm, elegance, and the thrilling plans she had for Yarbo – to name one, she’s going to build a ramp for getting in and out of the house, and guess what, Yarbo can handle the slope perfectly! 

Sheri’s trust in Yarbo and her vision of a worry-free, safe winter fueled our dedication to excellence. On the International Day of Persons with Disabilities, Yarbo was delivered. In her own words, that was “a day meant to raise awareness for and celebrate disabled people, like me, who are striving for a more inclusive & more accessible world.” It was a truly beautiful coincidence! It was as if fate had aligned to bring together the shared goals of Yarbo and Sheri.

2024: A Future Unfolding

As we step into 2024, our journey with Sheri continues to blossom. During the inspiring conversation with Sheri, she expressed her desire to send Yarbo to help clean up her neighbors’ driveway as a gesture of gratitude for their kindness. How heartwarming! Sheri’s story is not just about overcoming winter challenges. It’s about the strength of community and the power of innovation. Together with Sheri and every Yarbo user, we’re on a path to a world where kindness is reciprocated with kindness, and every life is uplifted by the promise of a better tomorrow.

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