Yarbo Journey: Snowstorm Challenge, Yarbo’s All Set!

On Jan. 4th, 2024, Yarbo kicked off an exciting webinar and online activity called the “Yarbo Snow Challenge”. During the webinar, we provided our users with detailed guidelines on how to prepare their Yarbo for the upcoming snowstorm. We also took the time to answer their questions about using Yarbo. We were thrilled to see over 100 users actively participating in the webinar online!

After the webinar, we invited our users to share videos on all social platforms, showcasing how their Yarbo tackled the snowstorm. The response was incredible! We witnessed Yarbo running successfully and greatly assisting users with snow removal. No more bragging, let’s hear what they have shared! 

“Snow storm? Snoworries… Autonomous snow blowing!”

Jason in WI, US

“Definitely impressed so far and hoping to see more snow with less ice to test it with this winter. “

Danny in MD, US

“Yarbo is alive!”

Brian in MA, US

“Kudos, Yarbo, you’ve delivered something unprecedented here and I look forward to your continued innovation.”

Sohrab in MA, US

“What a trooper, it’s -27C (-17F) and a successful completion with 78% battery remaining. Me, nice and warm inside.”

Sheldon in AB, CA

“This latest (and first) January storm in Rochester was the perfect time to record some video for the #YarboSnow Challenge; Yarbo and the S1 module worked to my expectations. “

Alex in MN, US

“Overall, really pleased, thank you Yarbo for such an interesting product. “

John in SD, US

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