Yarbo’s Crowdfunding Campaign Successfully Completed: About $3.5 M Raised by Over 1000 Backers

Celebrate Yarbo’s milestone: huge success in the Kickstarter crowdfunding project!

Yarbo’s Crowdfunding Success

NY, November 2nd, 2022 – As you know, Yarbo launched its crowdfunding campaign for its multi-functional yard robot on Kickstarter on September 13th. Now, we are glad to announce that it has successfully completed the campaign and raised $3,458,240 by 1049 backers for the 3-in-1 intelligent yard robot — namely Yarbo Snow Blower S1, Yarbo Lawn Mower M1, Yarbo Blower B1.

It surpasses its initial goal of $50,000 by 6916%, which makes Yarbo rank NO.1 on the global list of robotics crowdfunding projects.

Yarbo’s Crowdfunding Project: 3-in-1 Intelligent Robot

Since Yarbo team has prepared different gifts for different levels of stretch goals, backers will receive an extra RTK extension cord (33 ft), a controller, a tow hitch accessory, and a set of Yarbo cover attached to their packages. The 3-in-1 intelligent robot launched by Yarbo this year is designed for people’s yard maintenance, which can cover three yard-care requirements — blowing snow off your driveways/sidewalks, mowing your lawn, and blowing leaves/debris off your yards. It is composed of a universal main body and three functional attachments, and is capable of swapping different attachments for different yard care needs. You never need to purchase various yard tools to do different tasks anymore.

The most distinctive feature of Yarbo is that it is equipped with Yarbo’s self-developed innovative navigation system called PPVS. It eliminates the need to bury complicated perimeter cables around your yard and makes virtual boundary a reality. Moreover, there’s no need to worry about the satellite signals being covered by roofs or trees again. Combined with RTK and Magnetic Field Technology, Yarbo achieves an accurate positioning of centimeter-level.

Commitment to Excellence

“We gained energy from our backers to continually build a world-class brand. Thanks for their support, and their trust…We will always be committed to creating products that are satisfying,” said Jay, product director of Yarbo Inc.In the next few months, Yarbo team will work on the mass production and shipment of Yarbo robots, striving to provide better products to satisfy our backers. The funding will be used for the production of Yarbo’s “3-in-1” intelligent robot, research and development of future innovative products, and expansion into a larger market. Please stay tuned!

Yarbo Inc. 

Yarbo is an innovative technology company with independent R&D technology. It focuses on yard maintenance, and its main business is to provide autonomous yard robots which offer multi-functional services.

Yarbo is developed from Snowbot, the world’s first autonomous snow removal robot. Its current products include snow blower, lawn mower, and blower; it will gradually expand its product family to cover more yard needs like irrigation, security patrol, voice companionship, parent-child entertainment, etc.

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