Yarbo Secured Over $28 Million in A Round Financing

New York, July 21, 2023 – Yarbo, the pioneering provider of all-season, multi-functional yard robots, is delighted to announce the successful closure of its A round financing. Notably, esteemed investors HUA Capital, BA Capital, Glacier Capital, and Creo Capital have invested in the A round, contributing to a significant milestone in Yarbo’s Series A financing, approaching nearly $28 million USD. Coupled with the Pre-A round, Yarbo has secured a total funding of $40 million USD, empowering us to further advance our mission of delivering cutting-edge yard care solutions to our valued customers.

HP Jin, the Founder of Telenav, a prominent angel investor in Silicon Valley, shared his perspective on investing: “As both an entrepreneur and an investor, I’ve learned that investing ultimately revolves around backing the right person. Just as I swiftly and decisively invested in Zoom in its earlier stages, my decision to invest in Allen, the Founder and CEO of Yarbo, was similarly resolute. During our short conversation in Silicon Valley, I did sense Allen’s passion, dedication, confidence, and humility towards his venture. What truly sets him apart is his exceptional understanding of human nature, surpassing his peers. Entrepreneurship is a challenging journey, requiring sound decision-making and unwavering perseverance, even in difficult times. Allen’s determination to achieve his goals has been a great source of inspiration for me. Today, as we witness the global debut of Yarbo, the world’s first snow removal robot, it further validates my initial decision.”

With this substantial funding, Yarbo is well-positioned to further enhance its product offerings and production capabilities. The focus will be on continuous product optimization, ensuring first-rate quality control, and delivering stable and reliable products to our valued supporters. Additionally, the investment will bolster our sales efforts, enabling us to reach a broader audience and provide them with an enhanced user experience.

Yarbo’s journey has been driven by a passion for enhancing the lives of individuals, ensuring their outdoor experiences are transformed by the power of advanced robotics. With the continued support of its visionary investors, Yarbo is determined to lead the way in redefining yard care solutions for a brighter, more convenient future.

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