Yarbo Makes a Remarkable Impression at SIMA 2023

New York, June 16th, 2023 – Yarbo, the autonomous yard robot, demonstrated its cutting-edge capabilities and made a lasting impression today at the 26th SIMA annual event hosted by the Snow & Ice Management Association, which is well-respected by professionals in the snow and ice management industry and plays a significant role within it. As a proud SIMA member, Yarbo contributed to the advancement of snow plowing, ice management, and business practices.

The event took place in Hartford, Connecticut, from June 13th to 16th and featured hundreds of exhibitors and thousands of visitors. Yarbo garnered significant attention throughout the trade show, receiving high praise for its exceptional performance. The Yarbo booth saw a great amount of traffic, and several dealers showed a keen interest in trying out our goods in person, according to our on-site representative, Kenneth Kohlmann, Vice President of Yarbo. What’s remarkable is that a sizable portion of those who excitedly sought out our exhibit went beyond simple curiosity and took the decisive action of signing a Letter of Intent for our esteemed items.

Through a successful Kickstarter campaign last year, Yarbo, a multi-functional outdoor intelligent robot created for lawn care services, raised over $3.45 million in fundraising. Presented with the coveted CES 2023 Innovation Awards, the adaptable 3-in-1 robot thrives in situations requiring snow removal, lawn mowing, and leaf blowing. Yarbo has an extension docking station, which allows it to self-charge when the battery is low, or the job is finished. This feature allows for 24/7 operation and genuinely frees customers from their regular yard care.

Yarbo is a leading technology company at the forefront of autonomous yard maintenance solutions. With a strong focus on independent R&D technology, Yarbo is dedicated to providing autonomous yard robots that offer a diverse range of multi-functional services. Currently, Yarbo’s product lineup includes the snow blower, lawn mower, and leaf blower, which have received significant acclaim for their performance and reliability. As Yarbo continues to push the boundaries of innovation, Yarbo is committed to expanding its product family to address a broader spectrum of yard maintenance needs, including solutions for irrigation, debris and leaf vacuuming, plowing, trimming, security patrol, voice companionship, etc.

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